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  Specific Services Offered

  • Host an informational interactive website portal which will provide current resources, links and data to current information, trade statistics, and sources of assistance.
  • Email blasts and direct mail outs to disseminate relevant trade information, leads, and opportunities.
  • Seminars and workshops sponsored by FFI, MDA, and MEAC. Examples include “Export 101”, “Shipping Documents Requirements”, etc.
  • Access to Export Assistance Programs available through the US Dept of Commerce.
  • Access to participation in trade shows, trade missions, and individualized trade partner appointments in many other countries.
  • Recruit international buyers to Tupelo Furniture Market.
  • Interactive assistance with specific trade questions. International business students at Mississippi State University and trade specialists at MDA and MSEAC will be called upon for assistance with specific international trade issues.
  • List of banks friendly to international trade.
  • Work with the MSU College of Business and Industry to link international business interns to furniture manufacturers who can benefit from student assistance.
  • Visits by trade specialists from MDA and MSEAC, and by FFI to furniture manufacturers seeking export assistance and guidance.
  • Access to international trade specialists in other countries through MDA and US Dept of Commerce.

  Current Market Spotlight: Australia


Why Brazil?

  • Brazil is Latin America's largest economy, with a population of 202 million, and it is bordered by 10 other countries and is the fifth largest country in the world, representing nearly 3 percent of global consumers. Brazil ranks as the world's seventh-largest economy, with a GDP of US $2.3 trillion and, while wages continue to increase, urban employment was at only 6.4% in 2015.

  • The U.S. was the second largest exporter to Brazil in 2014 and the ninth-largest goods export market for the U.S., accounting for 15% of Brazil's total imported goods, over $229 billion of total goods.

  • Brazil was the fifth largest destination for global Foreign Direct Investment in 2014, new FDI into Brazil reached approximately $64 billion in 2013, and Brazil typically receives close to half of South America's total incoming FDI. The U.S. is a major foreign investor in Brazil and the country is open to and encourages foreign direct investment.

  • In addition to having a natural affinity for the United States and a high regard for U.S. products, brands, and technology, Brazil is a traditional leader among emerging markets and considered by multi-national companies as an essential market for truly global businesses.